Phyx Training Programme In Cork

Phyx is a unique training programme offering a dual approach to positive health growth and conditioning.

  • Phyx Rehabilitation to aid you on your road to physical recovery

  • Phyx Exercise System designed for optimum performance for long-term body and mind strength

Phyx is a combination of Physical and Physio exercise circuits bespoke and specific for a clients results. Very different to a gym and much much safer and capable of delivering far better results.

rehabilitation physical recovery exercise system phyx cork
rehabilitation physical recovery exercise system phyx cork

Full Body Workout For Just One Hour Per Week!

Our unique programme is a lifestyle approach offering you long-term gain. We endeavour to educate and support you for a lifelong journey of good health, fitness and wellbeing.

  • Strength, Flexibility & Mobility

  • Empowering a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • Unique one-to-one and Group Training in a Friendly Environment

“A Life Enhancing & Unique Exercise Experience That’s Designed For Everyone”

What Sylvester Stallone thinks of training with bands?

rehabilitation physical recovery exercise system phyx cork

Train Like Tom Brady

Try weight-free banded workout for full-body pliability!

You might be surprised to hear that Tom Brady doesn’t lift weights. Then again, you might not be, since the GOAT QB isn’t exactly known for conventionality.

Early in his career, Brady was a weight room warrior. “I was like every other American kid,” covering his prep for year 20 (!) in the NFL. “I believed if you want to get good, you gotta go squat and bench, and it’s all I ever did.”

But when he started struggling with injuries, he switched up his approach with the help of trainer Alex Guerrero. One of the biggest changes: Ditching the weights for exercise bands to use a different type of resistance.

tom brady bands
tom brady elastic bands

The Brady Exercise Band Workout

All movement starts with your core. Circuit training with band resistance exercises will improve your overall athleticism and reduce back pain. The resistance of the band should be high enough that you must brace your core to prevent the band from pulling you.

Try Phyx

If you’re convinced or even just curious about how bands could work for you, book your first introductory session with John or one of our highly qualified and experienced team at Phyx.

What our satisfied customers are saying…

Everyday fitness is what has changed for me over the past four years of training with John at Phyx. After 30 years of nursing my body was not operating or feeling its best. Every day I felt sore from head to toe. This has all changed now as my back and neck pain is gone, replaced with a freedom of movement, a strong range of motion, and a good fitness level which I am extremely proud of. I’m now the fittest I have ever been and feel like there’s more improvements to come. I would highly recommend Phyx for your health and wellbeing.

Vicki Nurse

My wife and I started doing Phyx personal training by Zoom. We have found it both varied and enjoyable. It really is amazing how much you can do with a few bands and some items from around the house. From a personal point of view my mobility and strength have improved significantly. I would recommend it to anybody but perhaps especially to those who have sedentary lifestyles and spend most the day at work in one position. We intend to continue our Phyx experience whenever the gym space reopens.

Martin Hogan , Corporate Health Ireland